Make your own checklist

In order for Active Checklist to use your own checklist, it needs the document to be broken down into separate files. The document can be created using PagesOpenOfficeGoogleDocs or Word. Once you have a document you like, export it to a PDF format.

Example: If your checklist is called Example.pdf, you would need the files below as well. You can of course keep track of the separate files yourself, but for a faster turnaround and less frustration, if you have a Mac OSX computer once you have installed MacPorts, go ahead and open Terminal and type ‘sudo port install perl5 pdftk’.
For Linux and Windows,  as long as you have perl5 and pdftk and zip you are good to go. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

Then download this, unzip it and ‘cd user; ./’

To edit, check the first couple of lines in the script, and change the page number to fit your Example.pdf.

%splitHash = ("Example" => "1-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 8-8 9-9 9-9 10-10 11-11 12-13");

Once you run the script, it will produce these files, and put them in the

This zip file is what you want to upload to Active Checklist, using iTunes.

  • Example-AFTER.pdf
  • Example-APPR.pdf
  • Example-CLIMB.pdf
  • Example-CRUISE.pdf
  • Example-DESCENT.pdf
  • Example-E.pdf
  • Example-LAND.pdf
  • Example-PREFLIGHT.pdf
  • Example-RUNUP.pdf
  • Example-TAKEOFF.pdf
  • Example-TAXI.pdf

You also want the complete file and your safety procedures.
NOTE: file names are case sensitive!

  • Example.pdf
  • safety.pdf

Again, to make it easier if possible use the provided perl script to produce the .zip file and upload that using  iTunes.

On startup, Active Checklist will unzip in files it finds, then check that all files are present. If some files are missing you will not be able to use them (even if most of the files are present).

The C172 and PA28 and safety templates are all included here, go ahead and start making your own checklist now!

Have fun. For any questions, please see the contact tab.