SkyCharts uses the same definition as ADDS.
TAF’s are orange.
SUA (Special Use Airspace) information have different shades of red (v2.5 and later).

TFR’s and Winds Aloft are coming soon.

ADDS images and colors explained here.
METAR explained here.
TAF explained here.

Flight category definitions

Category Color Ceiling Visibility
LIFR Low Instrument Flight Rules Magenta below 500 feet AGL and-or less than 1 mile
IFR Instrument Flight Rules Red 500 to below 1,000 feet AGL and/or 1 mile to less than 3 miles
MVFR Marginal Visual Flight Rules Blue 1,000 to 3,000 feet AGL and/or 3 to 5 miles
VFR Visual Flight Rules Green greater than 3,000 feet AGL and greater than 5 miles
By definition, IFR is ceiling less than 1,000 feet AGL and/or visibility less than 3 miles while LIFR is a sub-category of IFR.
By definition, VFR is ceiling greater than or equal to 3,000 feet AGL and visibility greater than or equal to 5 miles while MVFR is a sub-category of VFR.


Cloud coverage symbols

Sky symbols
Figure 3: Cloud Clover Symbols

Automated stations report “CLR” when clouds may exist above 12,000 feet so a square is used to represent this uncertainty whereas an unfilled circle is used for “SKC” which a human reports the sky is completely clear overhead. The abbreviation “OVX” is unofficial but ADDS uses it here to indicate the sky is obscured which is the case when a METAR reports vertical visibility and no cloud information.