In the left corner you can see what chart cycle your device has (in this example 1412). You can also see the Effective date and when it Expires. Chart cycles are usually updated 1 day before they Expire. Please check the webpage for chart cycle announcements.

In the upper right corner you can see when your subscription expires. The app does not delete any data even if your subscription expires, but you will not able to receive updates until you have a valid subscription either. If your subscription expires you will also get Ads at the bottom. The Buy button is only visible if your subscription has less than 7 days left.

To download charts for offline use, please select the region you normally use. If you download ALL regions, you’re looking at 5GB of usage, so please use WiFi as needed to avoid exceeding your data plan.

The regions are the same FAA uses.

When downloaded, each region has two progress bars. In the image below for instance the US_NW region has been downloaded. The upper progress bar indicates download progress. The lower progress bar indicates unzip progress. Both have to be at 100% for the region to fully work offline.