To change the settings, please quit the app, tap Home then tap on Settings and scroll down to SkyChartsPro.

The settings are:

  • BreadCrumbs: If enabled the application will try sending your location to the server. If there is no connectivity, the app will save the location until it has connectivity. More about BreadCrumbs here.
  • Email: The email you wish to send the BreadCrumbs track to. Also used when you share a subscription between many devices. NOTE: You MUST have both a valid email address and BreadCrumbs enabled before you can receive emails from the server.
  • Load WX: If you wish to have the METAR&TAF information displayed on the map.
  • Track UP: Enable Track UP. If you never use Track UP please enable this for even faster maps.
  • Chart Type: Default chart type. Please the help for more details.
  • Display always on: Leave OFF from system setting of display blanking.
  • Icon Type: Select default icon type.