The buttons are clockwise from the upper right:

  1. Track UP/Map North – Select if map rotates with your direction of flight or if the airplane rotates on the map.
  2. ‘i’ button – Select what regions to download. 
  3. Direct – you can enter a Direct fix here or enter a route.
  4. GPS location. Tap to enable a lock (indicated by a lock symbol). The map will now keep the display centered around the icon.
  5. TAWS – enable terrain. Terrain is displayed in red.
  6. Chart type select – the current chart you can view are:
  • VFR – Classic aviation sectionals with WAC charts for extended coverage.
  • TAC – Terminal Approach Charts, with border as intact as possible.
  • FLY – The flip-side chart on the paper TAC charts. Also geo-referenced.
  • IFR – Low enroute IFR charts.
  • HFR – High enroute IFR chart.
  • HLI – Helicopter VFR charts.
  • GCW – Gulf Coast WAC VFR chart.
  • GOM – Gulf Of Mexico IFR chart.
  • WAL – Wall planning VFR chart.

The navigation data at the bottom of the screen:

  • GS – Ground Speed in knots.
  • TRK – Magnetic ground track.
  • DTK – Desired magnetic track.
  • DIS – Distance to next waypoint in NM.
  • ETE – Estimated Time Enroute to next waypoint.
  • ALT – Altitude in feet. Remember GPS altitude is always different from MSL.
  • ZULU/TIMER/FlightTimer – Toggle the three different clocks by tapping on GS.
  • NRST – Shows nearest airport with instrument approaches. Distance in NM and bearing to in magnetic degrees.