IFR low enroute Area charts

A vote please: Let me know if you want IFR low enroute Area charts by default or after zooming in (to some level). Currently I’m leaning towards just using the Area charts (where they exist), it doesn’t seem to be that much difference from the low enroute charts but since I don’t fly in Area chart coverage areas I may be wrong.

Please let me know your preference. If there is enough interest I may also have the area charts as a separate chart type (like the TAC/FLY) charts. Again, as I don’t fly in area charts areas I really don’t know what YOU use.


2 thoughts on “IFR low enroute Area charts

  1. I would definitely like the IFR area charts as, like the TAC charts, they provide more detail. It would be convenient to have them work like the TAC charts, too: i.e., they are a separate chart type, but when you zoom in, the display automatically goes for Low Alt enroute to the area chart. Thanks.

    • How do you like the current implementation with Area charts when zoomed in ?
      Do you think there is need for a separate chart ?
      What area chart do you use and I’ll take a closer look at it.


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