Cycle 1111 released

Attention Alaska users, Aeronav has not released the updated ‘al_front_20OCT2011.pdf’ file yet so when you update/cache you get the previous version.

You can recache the data once the file has been released, please check the webpage.

Future release dates are posted here.

2 thoughts on “Cycle 1111 released

  1. Updated to latest version on my iPhone and now I have an annoying white bar across the bottom of my screen. Tried to re-install, but still there. Do not have this issue on my iPad. Please fix this issue as the white bar obscures the data at the bottom. Thanks.

    • Its fixed in 2.9.1
      For some reason in ONLY happens on the iPhone4S but that’s not any comfort to you right ?
      Apple has been pretty quick in releasing updates so you will maybe get it tomorrow ?
      (I submitted it yesterday)

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