3 thoughts on “Cycle 1304 released

  1. Note: emailed reply 4/21/13

    Heikki, for some reason, my bad elf GPS chip is not working with the northeast charts.

    The chip itself is working as I can go to the bad elf GPS tool and see my speed, direction, altitude, etc.

    But when I go to the charts, no movement, etc.

    iPad is my equipment.

    It was working just prior to the most recent chart downloads. In the plane it was working very well. Now, in the plane or car, it is not working.

    What do you think is causing this?


  2. ok, it works! when updating the charts on the iPad; upon completion of the download, shut down the iPad completely (Apple logo)…..or as PC people call it: “re boot” the machine. thanks skycharts!!

  3. Good anti-spam filter. I own an android pad, and I would like to know if you have an Android app for sale. thank you for your reply. -gordon

    Note: emailed reply 5/22/13

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