3 thoughts on “Cycle 1102/Feb 10 charts released

  1. Heikki:

    My iPad updated twice: At the end of the first update it spontaneously started all over again, deleted the cache again, and downloaded the data again. Once that happened, it’s all good.

    I have noticed that TAFs that are released every afternoon around 2330z are still not getting to your app. Thus, in the afternoon, I can’t rely on SkyCharts to show me the correct TAF. This has proven to be a consistent problem. It sure would be nice if that could be repaired.

    I’m also looking forward to (hopefully) an update which will allow the whole approach plate to be viewed on the screen without scrolling, as it was in earlier versions.

    Thanks for a great app.

    • Ehh – yeah, that’s odd.
      But I guess if its crashing _just_ before it considers the update to be done there is no choice but to start over.
      99% of crashes are memory related – next time please reboot your device before attempting to update.
      I’ll see if I can figure out a way to reproduce what you experienced.

      I’ll look into the TAF update issue – it should find all TAFs and use the latest, but something has probably changed on NWS. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Plates: I wonder if this is related to iOS changes. The code is the same. Cycle 1013 had compressed charts, but people didn’t like those, so as of 1101 its the original NACO plates (which is was before 1013 too). So no change on my side, but I’m not surprised if Apple changed something (they tend to do that). I’ll look into it.

  2. Have you thought about adding a feature to turn on CAP grids? (See http://www.cap-es.net/CAPGrids/Cell%20Grids.htm) for the systems used. I guess there are two.

    Skycharts seems like it would be REALLY useful to report what’s been searched, by who, and when, and having the grids on the map already seems really useful.

    It’s been amazing seeing it since I upgraded to the iPhone 4 – great program!

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