SkyCharts v2.9 released

Less aggressive network settings so it should work better on DSL and Edge.
If you still think downloads take too long please check Q37 in the FAQ.
Also has a fix for NRST airport calculation which broke with the addition of the A/FD front and back pages, and also a built in 1111 database.
However, a bug that only shows up in the iPhone 4S slipped by, so if you get a white bar at the bottom please wait for v2.9.1 to be released.

4 thoughts on “SkyCharts v2.9 released

  1. Installed v2.9 and then v2.9.1. I was looking for the Winds Aloft feature.
    Did the roadmap change?

  2. Hi Heikki, Ipod Touch 4th Gen with iOS5 update also has white bar at the bottom of the page. Will v2.9.1 fix this too? Thanks.


    • It should, but I don’t have an iPod touch 4th gen to test with so let me know if you still have issues after updating to v2.9.1.

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