2 thoughts on “Nov 18 charts available

  1. I have been trying all day to fully delete the existing version of SkyCharts Pro from my iPad so I can load new charts and plates. When I “x” out the icon, it dissapears from the home screen. But when I go into settings, and scroll down, SkyCharts Pro is still there with all of its options. I’ve tried rebooting the iPad several times. After a reboot, the SkyCharts icon reappears on the iPad home screen in its old location, but this time it is just a blank milky white square. That blank square will, however, open the SkyCharts program. What’s going on? This only happens with SkyCharts. I’ve never had a problem deleting any other program or app.

  2. Yup, the iOS is in a confused state.
    This happens when after deletion you reboot too quickly and the iOS is not ‘done’ deleting the app.
    You can try holding HOME when rebooting, maybe that will clear it up.

    If not, assuming you have a recent backup the easiest way to restore the iPad is to restore the image.

    I’m guessing its because of the large number of files in the cache has something to do with the problem of deleting the app. For next chart update, please let it maintain the cache itself.

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