v2.4 is released

Easier chart selection and FAST download times.
The Classic version has also been updated.There is no longer a VFR/IFR switch, you get absolutely everything cached for your region.

The entire CONUS just take a little more than 1hr to download with a fast wifi connection.

Please note that there are now two progress bars, the first one is how much you have downloaded, the second bar shows how much of it has been processed. BOTH bars need to be at 100% for the chart to be considered cached. Please let the app run until both bars are full.

Now also shows the current cycle and when charts expire.


10 thoughts on “v2.4 is released

  1. Great app, on both ipad and iphone. One thing, could you give us state by state chart selection? I don’t need all the one’s you’ve got grouped together in one group, but a few from 2 groups, which means I really have to download a lot more than I need.

    • Sorry, not possible right now.
      Reason: Too many users not caching enough once airborne so this will make it easier to get enough data.

      • The only thing that I miss is the High Altitude IFR charts. I see it in the roadmap… Yes to 2.5!

        Although 99.9% of the time ATC routes us via direct to fixes above FL180… I had to scramble out the paper charts when their radar went down…

        • Actually you will cache the high enroute IFR charts in the Dec 16 chart update, but you will not be able to view it until v2.5.

          So: no need to re-cache once v2.5 is out, it will use the already cached data assuming you got updated to the 1013 cycle.

  2. Good job! I like that I don’t have to select separately VFR/IFR/TAC.
    Downloading big chunks to make sure user has all necessary maps cached wouldn’t work. There will always be a cases when people fly between zones. Having Skycharts being able to chose the right maps to cache based on start point and entered destination will be much better.
    Also it will be really nice to have ability to save actual flight path and altitudes for later offline processing.
    Thanks a lot,

    • Thanks!
      Sorry, currently the app is only maintaining the cache on chart updates (i.e every 28 days) since its so time consuming.
      So only select what you actually intend to use when airborne.
      On the ground and with good wifi you don’t need to cache anything, it will download as you go.

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