5 thoughts on “Cycle 1101/Jan 13 charts released

  1. Since you went to clumping many states into a single file for download, the download files are too large for me to successfully get. So I have been forced to stop using the app. If there were a way to just get states I need, e.g., VA, MD, DE and NC, then I’d find the app usable. If I’m missing something, and there is a way to avoid downloading the entire eastern seaboard for my purposes, do let me know.


    • How are you downloading them ? Remember, if you’re using DSL it WILL take a while – you are actually better off using 3G to download in most cases.
      Check your bandwidth here (using your desktop).
      3G should give you anywhere from 7..14Mbps.
      DSL is usually only 1.5Mbps
      Cable modem can be anywhere from 10..30Mbps

  2. Hah. 3G with who and in what city? I for one have E (using tmobile) and many times while traveling I have only spotty wifi (in a hotel).

    I don’t own skycharts (came here to evaluate for purchase), but if it’s true that I need to download large areas, I’d request that this be changed.

    • Even if the areas would be smaller downloading ANYTHING with Edge is a problem – early versions of SkyCharts had individual chart selects and just forget it, Edge isn’t good for that either.
      Portland, Oregon has really fast 3G (AT&T, 14.4Mbps), but call quality is still a huge problem – 90% of all calls get cut off. Go figure!
      I’ll add your vote to the ‘more options when downloading’ camp.

  3. I have to admit I don’t really know how long it takes to download the files because I do that at night when I’m not using my iPad. I really like the current download system.

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