4 thoughts on “v2.7 released

  1. Great program! I use SkyCharts on an iPhone 3G. It would be so much nicer and faster to download charts if you could select charts by State. Internal reference would specify which charts to load to ensure coverage of each State selected. Also, why does downloading charts drain my iPhone battery even though I have an external battery attached (which doesn’t drain)?


    • Thanks. I’ll add your vote to the ‘we want more options’ when it comes to downloading.

      In the past there has been a lot of trouble where people do not cache enough data and then complain the app doesn’t work once airborne, so I made it really easy to select charts.
      The downside is of course it takes longer to download.

      FYI: If you are using wifi/DSL please test that your DSL is fast enough – in most cases DSL is only about 2Mbps, and in that case 3G is probably faster since its either 7.2Mbps or 14.4Mbps.
      Cable modem has several tiers, but it can be up to 30Mbps.
      You can try your download speed here.

      • I wish we didn’t have to precede airports with numeric ID with a K. could you parse the input line and add it internally if it’s required in your programming -this would be much more compatible with other systems, tnx for a great app,

        • I’ll look into it. Currently it makes searches a lot easier since the number of characters tells you right away what type of fix you’re looking for.
          See Q6 in the FAQ.

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