new AFD/TPP/plate server added

Should speed up downloads, or at least not degrade when new charts arrive (and everyone tries to update at once).
Please let me know if you have any problems.

9 thoughts on “new AFD/TPP/plate server added

  1. I can’t get Skycharts to operate. The beginning screen comes up and that’s as far as it goes. I’ve deleted and reinstalled but it still does not work. What’s the deal?

  2. I am a big fan of your approach plates and enroute charts. I do notice that sometimes the charts download quickly on my iPad, and sometimes they seem to take a long time, or I get the warning that the download has stopped and I’m asked if I am still connected to the internet.

    Is this my iPad, your servers, or something else?



    • Probably all.
      First of all, the iPad may have issues with non Apple access points:,2817,2362319,00.asp

      Also make sure you are really close to your wifi access point, if you have the wifi ONLY model the all aluminum rim makes for poor wifi reception.
      It could also be the server that’s busy.
      The message comes when there has been no apparent progress for a while – the downloads have ‘stalled’. Restarting usually helps.
      On the iPhone4 the fastest way to restart the app is to reboot – this kills alls apps running (including SkyCharts).

      I’m working on something that will should result in faster downloads. The new version will hopefully be released in a month or so.

  3. Whenever I start to download an IFR chart, it stalls, when I restate the program it downloads an then tells me it is going to download the same chart again. It stalls and downloads after restate of the program then wants to do it again. It appears to be a never ending cycle. I have to uninstall and reinstall the program to get the download to stop.

  4. the progress bar never completes… I was trying to download L28. Thanks for the links I’ll try them

    • I tried downloading L28 here and no problems (of course).

      Another tool to try is the IphoneConfigurationUtility:

      Once installed, run it with your device connected with USB, then you should see your device. Select it then click on Console and you will get a lot more info of what the app is trying to download.
      Please let me know how it all works out.

  5. the progress bar never completes… I was trying to download L28. Thanks for the links I’ll try them.

    I’m using an iphone 3G on iOS 4.1 jailbroken.

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