SkyCharts v5.4.0 released

Now with new NDB/VOR, Airport and Fix layer!

You can single tap on the data to bring up more information.

If you upgraded from older version, please remember to Enable the layers manually, tap on Layers, then select Navaids and select accordingly.


Active Checklist v1.4

Has been released!
Now its finally really easy to modify the contents for each Phase of flight.

Once app has been purchased, simply upload your PDF of choice, then go to the Create page and for each Phase of flight, select what page(s) you want to show.

To upload, use the iTunes file transfer. Once file has been uploaded, the app will say ‘Loading files’. Make sure you have one valid PDF, plus safety.pdf.

SkyCharts XC v5.3.2

Now with autoPlates!
The app will suggest geo-referenced approaches from the prevailing wind and your center of map.
You need to download a region for this to work.
You can turn off this feature by selecting Layers->Overlay->AUTO
AutoPlates is available on devices running iOS10, Android 5.1.x, 6.x and 7.x

Please download using AppStore, Google PlayStore and Amazon Underground.

SkyCharts XC now on Amazon Underground!

Besides of course running on the affordable Amazon Fire tablets, you can also use ANY Android device to run the app! Best of all, the app is FREE!

If you use an Android, you need to install the Amazon Underground app launcher.

For Fire devices, if you intend to go flying, you will need an external GPS, please follow the advice here how to set it up.

Please download SkyCharts XC here on Amazon AppStore.