Phoenix ?

So I’m changing the back end flow in order to add Alaska charts. The SkyCharts app will have to follow once I’m done. So no work on the app itself this week. Hopefully Phoenix will rise from the ashes!! Stay tuned..

1.4 has been released to AppStore

1.4 adds AF/D and TPP by double tapping on/around airport and the closest will be picked.

The PDF’s are cached only when selecting them, all pdf’s take a total of 3.5Gb!
Let me know if you want to cache the pdf’s for the airport that belong to a sectional, or if its good enough to cache the pdfs as you go.

Converting to UIView and adding AK/Hawaii

Working on converting to UIView (no inertial scrolling) BUT zoom/pinch will work. Also adding AK/Hawaii – may have to wait for next release again, seems like I need to change my chart projections to include those.
The charts for Feb 12 are being crunched – hopefully 1.3.1 will be released in time for the change.

Adding fix for slow backups

In this case this would have a lot easier to get this right in the first place than trying to move files from backed up directory on iPhone to a non backed up directory seamlessly. Process takes almost as long as downloading did in the first place.

Also preparing to disconnect chart updates from AppStore version bumps.
AF/D and TPP is slowly making it – lots of issues with memory leaks when displaying PDF’s so will go ahead and convert to jpg on server and use those instead.