More woes

The backup servers Power Supply seems to have gone belly up – at least there is the ‘nice’ aroma of fried electronics in the air.. Argh. Fortunately the main server is hosted somewhere in the internet cloud so hopefully no hardware issues like this will ever take it down.

Computer woes

So no useful work today, just trying to restore main development machine from odd crashes! Replaced system memory, and computer now seems to work, but iTunes/iPhone/Xcode and an external backup drive also went down in flames. Sometimes I _hate_ computers…

1.4.2 is beta testing

First step of D-> (direct) routing. Lets you pick airport/navaid/fix by spinning 3 to 5 wheels and it helps you pick valid combinations. Once a valid ID has been picked you can MAP the point, or bring up the AF/D data.


For some reason SkyCharts is gone from AppStore!
Trying to figure out what happened. SkyCharts should hopefully show up soon again.

Update: Its back as of last evening.


Starting to process new charts for March 12. I’ll have them ready to go on the 11th, simply start the client and it will ask you to update.

Also working on 1.4.X improvements, check the release status in the forum.