SkyCharts v2.9 released

Less aggressive network settings so it should work better on DSL and Edge.
If you still think downloads take too long please check Q37 in the FAQ.
Also has a fix for NRST airport calculation which broke with the addition of the A/FD front and back pages, and also a built in 1111 database.
However, a bug that only shows up in the iPhone 4S slipped by, so if you get a white bar at the bottom please wait for v2.9.1 to be released.

Alaska A/FD front page updated

If you cached AK_West, AK_East, US_NW or US_NE last night (Oct19/Oct20) and you want to update the file, please un-select the region, tap Start and the checkmark disappears. Then re-select the region again and tap Start to re-cache it again.
If you’re caching data as of 7.45 AM PDT or later you’re automatically getting the right data.

Cycle 1111 released

Attention Alaska users, Aeronav has not released the updated ‘al_front_20OCT2011.pdf’ file yet so when you update/cache you get the previous version.

You can recache the data once the file has been released, please check the webpage.

Future release dates are posted here.

iOS5 update

Please remember:
If you update to iOS5 you MUST recache all data you need.
To make syncing faster the app saves into ‘Caches’ and that directory is NOT backed up. So after a software update you will have NO data cached.