Working on 1.1

So after some feedback on improvements I’ll do some changes and release 1.1 before resuming work with adding AF/D and TPP.

I have also spent a lot of time trying to workaround the pinch/zoom bug, but nothing seems to work so far. I’ll shift focus a little bit and work on other things. And maybe I will even hear back from Apple at some point ?

If you have some suggestions please let me know on the forum!

(PM me if you want to keep it non public).

sqlite3 and FAA database

So have been able to retrieve AF/D and TPP (aka airport facilities directory and terminal procedures publication) for all airports into sqlite3 (via mysql on server).
Now working on distance calculations and presenting the data on the iPhone when selecting an airport.

Wishlist and status

Currently this is my todo list.SkyCharts will eventually split into the DeLuxe version with WX and airport data, and the basic SkyCharts.

  • Fix the multi gesture bug for zoom/unzoom. No word from Apple on filed bug. Will try working on workaround.
  • Add database of airports.
  • Add Weather – will start with adding a simple dot for color for WX status for airports in 100NM of range.
  • Add reachability delegate to warn about downloading using Edge.
  • Add Terminal Charts ?
  • Add Alaska/Hawaii and Canadian Charts ?
    (if possible, I believe the Canadian charts are geo referenced but not sure).

Any other suggestions are welcome. I’ll try commenting on how difficult each feature would be.

SkyCharts getting ready to be released!

Just got the dvd with the new charts for Dec 18 2008

Still have some outstanding issues, but will push it through AppStore (takes about a week I have heard).

The current issues are:

1. Pinch zoom/unzoom eventually puts UIScrollView in bad state.
Filed bug with Apple but have not heard anything back.
Disabled multi touch gestures for now – use the slider for zooming instead.

2. Move buttons when changing to/from landscape/portrait.
Somehow the Info button does this automatically already ? How ? A mystery!

3. Modify contents of Info page when in Landscape – works but looks odd.

4. Add the Reachability delegate to know when using Edge/Wifi – downloading should not be attempted if on Edge.

5. Start adding WX for SkyCharts DeLuxe!