Cycle 1211 released

Now with more nav-aid data for CA, MX and Cuba!
The data comes from here. If you notice some lacking data please update the open source database, and the next cycle will reflect those updates.
Next chart cycle (1212) is listed here.

Honolulu TAC is new (from the Hawaii sectional chart inset), you will find it in the TAC charts. Please remember to notify FAA if you have paper charts that do not exist in digital form yet (like heli charts and Grand Canyon).




Added Canadian and Mexican METARs/TAFs (Mexico data seems iffy, maybe its only valid during daylight hours ?)

In any case, for the 1211 database update the NavData should also include CA&MX data.

Thanks to for the data, if you find you’re missing some data please let them know and the same data will trickle down to SkyCharts.
Note: Only for CA/MX data, for now SkyCharts uses FAA data for CONUS/Alaska.