1.4 AF/D and TPP

So getting closer – have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out whats eating memory… Also trying to make sql queries fast. Unfortunately seems like loading the entire table takes a while. But its coming! Maybe in the next couple of days ?

1.3 take 2

AppStore rejected SkyCharts since it didn’t test for connectivity before trying to download (you just get a messaged downloads failed). So need to add the reachability delegate now instead of later (was planned for 1.7).

Got the fixes in – decided to keep version number as 1.3.

See updated release schedule here.

Faster load times

1.3 should be significantly faster on loading – like twice as fast!

The load times are now:
WiFi: 5 minutes
3G: 9 minutes
Edge: 32 minutes

Again – the problem is not really the amount of data, its the number of files/tiles that are in use – about 2000 per chart..

Release notes are here.

Seattle North is missing

It was not on the chart DVD!! Updating my scripts to CHECK for missing files..

Update – the server now has the latest data. You still need 1.3 if you download the chart. If you just browse there is no need.

Jan 15 charts

So sorry about the unfortunate phrasing on the Alert pop up.
You do NOT need to repurchase SkyCharts, simply wait for 1.2 to show up on AppStore.

AppStore was extra fast this time and it should be available whenever AppStore pushes out changes.

For the next chart cycle, I’ll work on being able to update charts without being tied to a new release in AppStore.

Software piracy!

So I have been for a while pondering why I have way more chart downloads than purchases (and purchases from countries where SkyCharts should not be for sale!).

Turns out there are websites with cracked versions of Apps available on AppStore!

Thank you to all who actually have purchased the App! I will soon be adding a way to only provide data to legally purchased versions – unfortunately that means you will have to register. Sorry! Stay tuned.