Mid cycle chart update

The v2.0 has changes to the database, so in order for all charts to be present on the device, it will ask to RECACHE.
If you never use the takeoff minimums & alternate minimums, you are good to go.
If you DO, then please let it recache.

v2.0 released!

Fixes for running out of memory during update.
Also now adds the ‘Done’ navigation bar when rotating device after it has dis-appeared. Please single tap to hide/unhide the navigation bar.
Also added some missing VORs. This unfortunately requires recaching since the alternate and takeoff minimum file names have changed. Please see mid cycle update note.

v1.9 released!

Please update – should fix hang on startup when out of wifi range.
Also hides navigation bar for full screen PDF viewing.
Single tap to hide/unhide the navigation bar.

May 6 charts

Are now available.
Just run the app and it will ask if you want to update.
If you want to keep the old charts for another day, just answer NO to the question.

v1.8 released!

Universal binary!
SkyChartsPro will now run on both the iPad and iPhone.
You only get terrain awareness on the iPad.

Also has bugfixes and a magenta route color, and remembers type of chart when exiting.