New server

Was concerned about bandwidth going beyond limits on main server so added another server for the approach plate data.
If you have any problems, please let me know.

SkyCharts vs SkyChartsPro

Please, make SURE to buy the correct version of SkyCharts.

SkyChartsPro = iPad
SkyCharts = iPhone

If you DO buy the wrong version, please take it up with Apple, I can not issue any refunds, all transactions has to go through Apple.

v1.7 is out!

Please update!
Now with terrain!

Note: Since the wifi version of the iPad normally does NOT supply elevation, please use X-Plane to ‘drive‘ SkyChartsPro.

Or wait for the 3G version – it has the same GPS functionality as the iPhone 3G(S) has.

iPad users

Just to clarify: The regular version of SkyCharts will NOT take advantage of the full screen resolution on the iPad.

To run in native resolution and see the maps in full glory, you need SkyChartsPro.