v2.9.3 released

Now with iOS5 delete fix. However, this only applies if you have iOS5.0.1 (or later) installed. For iOS5, please try leaving 1GB or so of available disk space.

You now also have an ‘Action’ button when viewing approach plates. Use this to view the plates in different PDF readers to annotate or if you need to rotate for instance.


Cycle 1112 released

More info!

However, if you can, hold off updating until v2.9.3 is released, it has the iOS5.0.1 fix that avoids the iOS deleting files willy nilly. Apple has been taking their sweet time releasing the update though, so if you want to make SURE you have all data on your device, please update the app first, THEN download cycle 1112. If you get the v2.9.3 application update after you already downloaded cycle 1112, please download again to make sure the iOS will not delete any relevant files.

Changes: This time with the SUA (Special Use Airspace) info, which you already have in the red dots, but its now also included directly from FAA, I figured it doesn’t hurt to have. You also get the Published NOTAMs, as well as the VFR chart bulletin (chart changes).

For the High Enroute charts you now also get the NARC and WATR charts.
The next charts cycles are listed here.