April 8 charts

Processing IFR charts and VFR charts when they become available.
NACO is missing a couple of charts, hopefully they will add those soon ?

Once the new charts are released, I’ll bump SkyCharts/SkyChartsPro to v1.7.

If you want to join the iPad beta, please check the post here and once you have a device please send the UDID.

iPad version submitted!

There will now be an iPad version (SkyChartsPro) and the normal iPhone version (SkyCharts).

SkyChartsPro will get all the new functionality first, and eventually that functionality may make it into the SkyCharts version as well.
(remember all these devices have different cpu’s and gpu’s so I will only enable something by default it it works on all devices)

‘New’ server

So if you got some problems with non cached maps the last half hour or so now you know why.
‘Old’ server was coming close to both disk & bandwidth limits so time to increase the quotas.