v2.3 released!

Now with Zulu time and automatic Nearest calculation.
Note: On the iPhone version these only show up in landscape.

If you tap on D> you will get the 20 closest airports with approaches (not available on the iPhone).

Sorry, all future changes will be aimed at the iPad, if possible I will make it work on the iPhone as well.

New NACO/FAA IFR low enroute charts

The new charts are a lot less readable than the old ones, and they also seem scanned with all the problems that involves (images not quite aligned or general warping from optical problems)
FAA/NACO/Aeronav say they are working on it, but for now if you get ugly overlaps after you update don’t blame the messenger, please let FAA/NACO/Aeronav know you are unhappy with the new charts.

X-plane support

Is currently broken. Sorry. Something has changed on the Apple side from 3.x to 4.x and the same code now crashes.
I will submit a new update when possible, but since I’m heading out to Oshkosh on Saturday I’m still busy with planning for the trip.
Regarding Osh – I will not have a booth, please see the contact tab if you want a demo if you’re in Oshkosh.

v2.2 released!

*NEW geo-referenced FLY charts – backside of TAC charts
*iOS4 fast suspend resume
*Update METAR/TAF database when resuming, and attempt updating every 10 minutes
*Fix for random airplane icon rotation
*More accurate ground speed
*Airplane icon more visible
*July database